Ypres and its surroundings offer to both a recreative biker and the mountainbiker a wide variety; breathtaking landscapes, lonely villages, military cemeteries and monuments… and many more unknown stories which can be told underway.

We hereby present an overview of the most important biking circuits in the area. In case you want a general overview of all the biking circuits in the Westhoek region, feel free to ask.

Moreover, the cards of all biking circuits are always at your disposal in our B&B;

  • Route Bakelandt – Langemark – 46km
  • Images of warg – Houthulst – 42km
  • The battle of Messines 1917 – Ypres -28km
  • Biking in the southern Westhoek – Ypres – 63km
  • Bikng alongside chateaux – Roeselare – 45km
  • Biking route Langemark – 45km
  • Biking route Zonnebeke – 56km
  • Route of the Great War – Langemark – 30km
  • Biking the Ypres Salient – Ypres – 35km
  • Biking route Moorslede – 25km
  • All around Roeselare – 25km
  • Tobaccoroute – Wervik – 45km
  • The Legacy Route – Zonnebeke – 37km
  • Forgotten traces – Heuvelland – 38km
  • Route of peace – Ypres – 44km
  • Vrijbosroute – Ypres – 76km
  • Mountain route Westhoek – Heuvelland – 45km
  • Bayernwaldroute – Heuvelland – 43km
  • Biking route – Dranouter – 37km

All around the B&B you’ll also find a wide range of mountainbikeroutes over unpaved roads;

  • mountainbikeroute Zonnebeke -Passendale – 38km
  • mountainbikeroute Westhoek Staden – 115km
  • mountainbikeroute Poperinge – 27km
  • mountainbikeroute Ieper – 29 km
  • mountainbikeroute Heuvelland – 38km

In 2014 ‘The Western Front Way’ has been created. This is a netwerk of circuits from Nieuwpoort on the belgian coast to the swiss border; this network of circuits can be make on foot or by bike. If necessary we can make you a selection.

Based upon a co-operation with the company Zonnebeke Bikes you can hire all kinds of bikes; ladies’ bikes, gentlemen’s bikes, tandems, electrical bikes or children’s bikes. But also professional mountainbikes are at the disposal.

We can do all the necessary to make your reservation. Click here to have a link with www.zonnebekebikes.be and take a look for the tariffs.