The Westhoek region offers to the more or less experienced walker a wide range of amazing landscapes, lonely villages, military cemeteries and monuments… Moreover you will be confronted on the road with many small and unknown histories. We hereby offer you a selection of the most important walking routes in the vicinity of our B&B, together with the starting point and the number of kilometres. In case you want to try one or more of these walking routes, let us know; so we can offer you the appropriate walking map. Walking route Mount Kemmel – Heuvelland – 8km Walking route of the Two Mountains – Westouter 7,2km Walking route Gasthuisbossen – Ypres – 10km Walking route all around Zonnebeke – Zonnebeke – 10km City walk Ypres – Ypres – 6,6km Walking route Underground War 1917 – Wijtschate – 7km Walking route of Silence – Westouter – 12,9km City walk Roeselare – Roeselare – 8,5km Walking route Farmer’s War – Geluwe – 7,8km Walking route on the Ypres’ ramparts – Ypres – 2,6km Walking route from the Bluff to the Grosse Bastion – Ypres – 7,5km Walking route the Ypres’ Salient – Ypres – 5km Walking route The landscape as the Last Witness – Ypres – 6,5km Walking route Zero hour, the Underground War 1917 – Heuvelland – 8km Walking route The Battle of Mount Kemmel – Heuvelland – 5km In case you want a total overview of the Westhoek walking routes, please check on
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