Yes, we do it electrically!

We made it possible for you to travel some routes all around Ypres with different kinds of electrical vehicles, such as an electrical bike, an electrical scooter, a fat tyre or an electrical golf cart.

You make your choice for one of the following routes;

                Route of weat

                Flemisch mountainroute

                War in and around Ypres

                War in and around Heuvelland

                Route of the Heuvelland villages

                Route of wine

                War in the southern Salient (Wijtschate, Messines, Kemmel….)

                Route of the river Lys.

These routes can be travelled with;

                an electrical bike (€30 per day)

                an electrical scooter (€65 per day)

                a fat tyre (€55 per day) or

an golf cart for 4 persons (€120 per day, addionally €19 for a GPS).

For your own security you should stick to one of the routes mentioned above; moreover a reservation for an electrical vehicle is only possible together with a stay in our b&b.  

For more information or for a reservation; please contact our b&b! Attention; the availability of the vehicles is limited.

(Photo property of De Beze in Wijtschate)